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john dow

John E. Smith Realty Sudbury Limited, Brokerage‘s Team of Realtors

John E. Smith Realty Sudbury Limited, Brokerage ‘s John Dow is one of our brilliant sales representatives in Sudbury, ON. Our small team has over 75 years of combined experience helping people buy and sell properties. He helps us offer the highest level of customer service and the maximum profits to our clients. John and the team work hard to ensure the buying and selling process is quick and efficient. Contact John Dow today to get started on your dreams.

Cell: 705-988-1850
Office: 705-674-5261

John Dow’s Experience

For 15 years, John was fully immersed in the luxury market of selling and delivering private jets globally. He’s now been involved with Sudbury and Montreal luxury real estate deals for over a decade. John’s passion for real estate, coupled with his focus on client outcomes, is evident upon meeting him. One of the best things about John is that he’s worked with some of the world’s most discerning clientele, so he knows how to listen and provide input and guidance as a trusted consultant. John continually strives to provide an enlightened customer experience by thoroughly understanding the client’s specific needs and emerging trends in the real estate market.

Love Where You Live Motto

John Dow lives by the motto, “Love where you live.” John is always seeking professional improvement, continuously learning more about all legal aspects of real estate and life. Learning is a passion for him. John is constantly innovating when it comes to image building and marketing strategies. John recently moved back to Sudbury after 25 years. He’s excited to re-engage with the community and enjoy this city he knew and loved as a child. He’s thrilled to be back with the lakes, bright stars, snowbanks, and people. Let John help you love where you live today.

Find the Home of Your Dreams Today!